kiki nadieh

visual artist

kiki is looking for humanity and captures it in a poetic way as she perceives life herself. her work speak sensory perception, to get you into the feeling. kiki tend to naturally emphasise on the emotional and conceptual value. the monochrome tones encourage you to see depth by using our senses. eliminate elements to exposes the true soul. all of the paintings are made of sustainable materials - ecor, left-over wood and plant-based paint from fairf. her work comes in circular and angular shapes. the multiple bodies align with the freedom of her own and the natural world.


since 2012 kiki is exploring photography and started filmmaking and poetry during her education in graphic design and photography. in 2018 she started experimenting with abstract art to express herself. art is time. to unravel life's secrets and stories. time to really see and connect. existence is attention.


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